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Nuke4me Review- Hands off Seo Outsourcing from pro’s

This is the Nuke4me/Senuking Review and Comparison By Italos M. Click Below to go to the official site of those to related services

Nuke4me Review-Comparison with Legacy service

The following system called Nuke4me is a complete SEO outsourcing solution using the most experienced webmaster and the latest technology in SEO automation all hands free for you. Its the perfect combination for killer price , experience by real webmasters that brought results to 100’s of people like me and you ( like top results for money keywords bla bla. Isnt what you want in the first place since you landed here ?? :) ) and time saving since they handle stuff that would usually take hours from your precious time for a fraction of the cost. Although the new Service Nuke4me is a blast i would suggest sticking with the original SeoNuking Service. Nuke4me is a JV between Mo Taqi Seonuking outsourcer ( original service ) and Areeb Bajwa senuke program creator. Although both of those programs are great i will still suggest sticking with the original Senuking program that can be found HERE .You can read all the reviews there and client information and you can really see that their product works. As for Nuke4me i can still vouch for it but i am still with the legacy service offered originally by Mo.

Who am i? What is my experience with them?

My name is Marios I and i have been working with those guys for some time now and i run online businesses for years. I firstly had been using SENUKE X software on some of my  marketing  (NOTE: Not for spamming , Not for this site )  since its like a SEO assistant helping you do what you would otherwise do manually, completely hands free.

What did that meant for me: Since i own a lot of websites and do a lot of promotions etc work online this software saved me countless hours and increased my productivity by many times.

Profit and traffic started increasing exponentially bla bla you know the story if stuff go well :) . Anyway even though my productivity increased time was still consumed and you cant really thing clearly if you also got to do  designing,promoting and Brainstorming ( which in my opinion is the most important part) and a bunch of other errands.

On time beeing i stumbled upon Mo Taqi. It was the guy behind the original service before Nuke4me. Lets call it Legacy service of Nuke4me. Anyhow this service originally called (SEnuking)  has been around for 1,5 years run by this guy and his team and by what i heard from the reviews it had results.

I then said. Why not?

I immedietly started doing promotions with them  for some time. Results were astonishing. I can show you the screenshot of my most successful campaign with them on an established site. This service was the cherry on top of the cake.

I want you to calculate what you would be able to do with 7k unique visitors per day from google.Either that is cpc advertising , affiliate marketing or ecommerce sales. It could literally make your business flourish.

It was like having a dedicated Ninja army working just for me :) !!!

What does that mean for you ?

It means you can achieve your SEO and marketing  goals at an effective, in-budget and time saving way.


More analytically here are  some Service details

What does Nuke4Me/Seonuking provide?

You will get daily Senuke X submissions 5 days a week ( Monday-Friday )

Each Submission/Promotion Consists of the following

Creation of profile and accounts on hundreds of websites of any kind (specifically social networks,social bookmarks,rss aggregators,web2.0 profiles,forum profiles with unique email and username)

After that a submission is followed to the following modules of senuke x

  • Social Network sites (Wikia.com,Wetpaint.com,Squidoo and So on 40+ links !)
  • Social Bookmarking sites (Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com and so on. 140+ supported sites)
  • RSS aggregators
  • Web 2.0 Profile sites (hundreds of them)
  • Forum Profile site (hundreds of them)

Submission to these sites is as follows:

  • Nuke4Me creates a network by submitting an article at all of the social network sites with manually written and spun, unique, high quality articles written by American writers. (Yes, they supply the content!)
  • Then, they take the RSS feeds of all the social sites and bookmarking sites and submits All of them to ALL of the RSS aggregators!
  • Nuke4Me will submit your link at the Web 2.0 Profile and Forum Profile sites for additional backlinking power
  • Lastly, Nuke4Me will place ALL of the urls into the Ping Tool and ping them as well as using the Senuke Indexing Toolto assure indexing in the search engines.


 Whats so special about this??

Random Interlinking

Senuke Pros on Nuke4me will randomly interlink the posts they made for you serving two purposes a typical linkwheel dont. More power and authority for your backlinks,more authority from the backlinks back to you , more links crawled and lastly enlarge the benefit from a strong network of backlinks entirely indexed

One time and Long time  Networks

Some of the days  Nuke4Me will create a network that they will always update called Long time network. This gives the advantage of backlinks from regularly updated network of blogs which gain strength and authority over time which in result passed over you.
Lastly there are one time networks that are created and never updated again . Hit and run networks of some sort.
Free Content Provided
Thats right. To prove this is completely hands free they also create and provide the content them selves . Isnt that awesome and painless?


Nuke4me is a complete handsfree solution for every busy webmaster that needs to outsource some of his work and save more time for more interesting/expansive/lucrative stuff ( like counting money made from nuke4me/Senuking !!). It completely unties your hands and i definetely suggest it for any webmaster that wants a serious team to handle their SEO at a fraction of the cost and many times more results than normal services. So if this describes you best i suggest GO FOR IT.

Reasons to stick with the original Senuking Instead of Nuke4me

  • Pricing Advantage
  • Nuke4me is SOLD out through a huge mailing list
  • You can get bulk discounts with Mo
  • Friendlier support
  • Advice from Mo himself
  • Bonus courses and Pdf and private knowledge forums for all members
Nuke4me though is a revamp of the original SENuking. Although i would recommend that too I prefer Senuking for 2 reasons. First. Mo is the one with the experience in outsourced SEO and SECOND is Pricing. Mo on the original service can promote 3 urls at the same price as NUKE4me which promotes 1 instead (<—IMPORTANT). As far as i am concerned this helped me promote far more urls than i can do with Nuke4me including inner pages of the same site etc so it really benefited me running multiple campaigns with senuking.The decision always lies to your ability to judge and compare  and i would say you can have awesome results as they more or less are based on the same teams and they do the same promotions and they are pretty experience as 1st has years of experience and the second is the creator of the original software. For that reason you can make your decision easily as to what step to follow.
    • Seonuking (Official site) <—Original Service –RECOMMENDED
    • Nuke4me.com (official site)
To your success
Italos M.