The Top Ten Tips for Travel Bloggers



The blogosphere is a cut throat universe where only strongest survive. The sheer level of competition out there is fierce and getting noticed let alone read is an on-going struggle. The travel sector is one of the one of the most competitive, and bloggers competing in this niche arguably have more of a fight on their hands than others. The approach when creating and maintaining a travel blog is slightly different from other sectors, and means that this special breed of digital nomad must work even harder to get their voice heard.


Whether you run your own blog, or write for other people’s, the travel audience are amongst the most discerning and any content that’s not engaging, exciting, useful and genuine will be disregarded by consumers who are short on time and attention spans.


Here are the Top Tips for Travel Bloggers to succeed;


  1. Travel


Nothing will make you a more confident travel writer than actually having first-hand experience of what you’re writing about. Nothing will give you inspiration for great post like actually being in a destination and getting involved in the local culture; the people, the language, the customs, the sights, and the food will all give you reams of ammunition to write sincerely and creatively about a place, no matter if you loved it, hated it, or were completely indifferent



  1. Be Genuine


Travel audiences demand minute detail and simply regurgitating found information from Wikipedia won’t cut it with savvy travellers and holidays makers who are looking for genuine personal accounts and experiences of specific cities, towns, facilities, attractions and events. If you’re writing about Phuket in Thailand, you had better be prepared to drill down into some appreciable detail about local restaurants and shops or you have little chance of being taken seriously.



  1. Photo Blog


If you’ve been away on holiday, chances are you took hundreds of pictures on your digital camera or smart phone that you planned to upload and share with your friends on Facebook. The best writers are able to evoke the spirit of a place through words alone, but the rest of us need a little helping hand. Images are the perfect aid to a blog post, and on the right blog, they can even form a post in their own right. Take lots of photos.


  1. Pick Your Niche Wisely


Travel is a niche in its own right, but there are hundreds of sub-niches that come under the ‘travel umbrella’. Picking your sub-niche should be defined by two things; your audience, and you’re your expertise. Starting a Canadian travel blog is of little use if you are trying to appeal to Australia enthusiasts. Similarly, don’t launch a Canadian travel blog if you’ve never been there.


  1. Don’t be Afraid of Creativity


Some of the best travel blogs are based on locations you may never have thought of visiting, or indeed may never want to visit. We’ve all read about Bill and Marjorie’s ‘lovely trip to the Maldives’, but have you ever read about a holiday in communist North Korea, or camping in Death Valley, or staying on an oil rig in the North Sea? Probably not, but that’s a good thing. Venture off the beaten track and become an authority in your sub-niche.


  1. Cut the Fluff


The travel industry is plagued by clichés and buzzwords, in both promotional material and blog posts. Meaningless words like ‘spectacular’, ‘amazing’ and ‘picturesque’ (as well as tens of other sickeningly familiar adjectives) are grossly overused in travel copy and you’d be well-advised to avoid them completely. Always be specific, snappy and to the point; fluffy, overly descriptive copy is so 2000s! Even if that ‘white sandy beach’ is ‘beautifully picturesque’, find another way to describe it.


  1. Enlist the Help of Others


The best blogs in the world aren’t operated by one individual, but a team of many. Even if you don’t plan to hit the dizzying heights of the Huffington Post or Mashable, having a few extra team members on board will help your efforts no end. This doesn’t mean hiring staff or even paying people to write for you, simply create a ‘write for us’ page on your site and offers of content will soon come flooding in. This will save you some time but more importantly diversify the range of writing styles and opinions on your blog.


  1. Don’t Just Stick to Travel


Even though the primary theme of your blog is travel, don’t be afraid to branch out into other Niches. A post like The Top Ten Travel Apps (you can think of something more original than that!) will appeal to both techies and travellers. Cross pollinate your blog with tid bits from other corners of the blogosphere.


  1. Engage with Your Community


Well, it was inevitable, a blogging post with a mention of social media. Cut through all the nonsense and hype however, and social media can be an incredibly useful tool for drawing in traffic to your blog and keep readers coming back. This about travel blogs though, so aside from the obvious (Twitter and Facebook) what are the best communities to be a part of? Try the vowel-omitting trio WAYN, Dopplr, and Driftr to get you started.


  1. Be Personal


One thing that stands out on great travel blogs is the level of intimacy conveyed to the reader. Cold, un-personable blogs written in the 3rd person fail to connect with audiences hungry for first hand experiences they can relate to. Always write in the first person, write about what YOU did and what YOU saw, use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ to make your message more powerful, and use photographs of you to back up your stories.




Joe is self-confessed nomad and writer of many online travel guides. He’s not going to tell you where you can find his holidays pictures though! Joe is looking forward to his holidays to Rome later this year, and Skiing in the winter with Crystal Ski! You can follow him on Twitter @joe__johnson__


Fiverr: How to Outsource Your Life for $5 & Generate Leads

When Fiverr asks the question, “What will you do to earn $5?” the answers that are given are many. The truth is there are many things that people are willing to do and to offer in order to make five dollars. Some will offer beaded products, such as necklaces and bracelets, while others will offer to translate an article. Fiverr is a service that exists as a vehicle to help people work for these five dollar transactions.

However, if done correctly a person may be able to start their own online business. This can be accomplished in three easy steps. Sign up with Fiverr to offer the services, link to Paypal so money can be made and then start posting the services that are offered.


If you are fluent in more than one language, you may be able to translate web pages or other text. Perhaps you have a voice that sounds very pleasing. If this is the case you may be able to make phone recordings for business offices. The services don’t stop there. If you can offer a service worth five dollars, then advertising on Fiverr may be right for you.


If you are an artist, selling your artwork for five bucks may be the route for you to take. Graphic designers or software coders can also find work on the site. There are earning opportunities for writers also. Many customers may peruse Fiverr during the holidays. Whether is it looking for family Halloween costumes, holiday decorations or party noisemakers, if you can dream it, someone is sure to buy it.

Many people’s talents remain hidden because they don’t know how to share them with others. But by marketing your services and products you will be able to share your talents with the world as you take advantage of the benefits of Fiverr. By asking your happy customers to leave positive feedback about your product or services you will be able to more effectively market yourself and grow your customer base when you are ready to grow.

How to Use Fiverr to Your Advantage

Although a five dollar sale doesn’t seem like much by itself, think of how much it would be if a satisfied customer came back and ordered multiple items because of their initial purchase? You must remember also that these people have friends, family and neighbors that will see your product and possibly become customers too, so that small five dollar sale has the potential to become huge.

Using Fiverr to Gain Leads and Make Bigger Sales

A good way to generate leads and gain more sales is by creating a report. This report will be talked about more if it solves a problem for the reader. Make sure that it pertains to a niche you are already a part of so that you can bring them back to your site for more information on the subject. No matter what you decide to do to get them there, make sure that your customers can reach your site as easily as possible.

Selling your own leads on Fiverr is easy. This can include listings of restaurants in a certain area, LinkedIn leads, followers on Twitter and more. By enhancing other businesses you will be helping yourself to eventually get bigger projects and in turn make more money for yourself.

Patrick Lindle is the marketing manager at D-Mac Industries, a metal deck / steel deck fabricator located in Alpharetta, GA.  Patrick uses Fiverr to help out with a number of his marketing campaigns.  Patrick lives in Atlanta with his wife Betty and their 3 beautiful daughters.

How to Ruin Your Blog in 7 Steps

Sure, you’ve worked hard on your company or personal blog, but sometimes you just feel the need to destroy something beautiful.

If you’re looking to really ruin your blog, these seven simple steps will allow you to do it in a matter of moments.

1: Choose a Hideous Template

It’s time that you switch to a hideous template, like one that features light text on a dark background, excessively bright and distracting colors, and poorly designed layouts.

For example, try the nauseatingly pink Valentino template or some painful Retro template (which reminds us why the past should remain there). It may be tempting to just download something pretty like Business Turnkey, but avoid this if you want to successfully ravage your blogging space.

2: Stop Posting Regularly

If you’re posting once a week, slow down! If you’re posting once a day, it’s time you stop altogether. All that fresh content is sure to bring new visitors, return readers, and search engine robots to your doorstep – the opposite of ruin in the blogosphere.

3: Provide No Contact Information

Allowing users to contact you and develop a relationship may keep them around through other blogging blunders, so be certain to remove any method of contact.

Be especially certain that you get rid of any convenient forms like this one.

4: Never Link to Other Resources

When you write content, be sure that you make it clear that you’re writing to benefit your company.

One of the best ways to do this is avoiding any links to outside sites and resources, even when they would be highly relevant and useful to the reader.

4: Put Ads Everywhere

Image source: Evolution of web monitization

If you really want to drive away your visitors, one of the fastest ways to do it is cramming your blog full of ads.

Try to find the least relevant ads, place them in the most prominent positions, and make them as distracting and offensive as possible. People will quickly realize what a sell-out you are and will leave your blog in droves.

6: Regurgitate Information

If you’re running any kind of informational blog, one of the best ways you can run it into the ground is to provide only regurgitated information – the sort of content that’s common knowledge by now.

Do you tell the news? Look back two or three weeks for data. Are you teaching people about a new type of software? Only provide paraphrased information and directions that can be found on the software’s main site.

7: Talk Like a Robot

People don’t read blogs so they can feel nostalgic toward college textbooks – mostly because no one has that nostalgia. With that in mind, try your best to replicate a dull, monotonous voice that’s completely devoid of all personality.

Making these changes should only take you a couple hours at most. By the end of the process, half your visitors will already be gone, and the rest will be abandoning ship shortly thereafter.

Jessy is a creative blogger for Life Insurance Finder, the free money-saving tool based in Australia.


Nuke4me Review- Hands off Seo Outsourcing from pro’s

This is the Nuke4me/Senuking Review and Comparison By Italos M. Click Below to go to the official site of those to related services

Nuke4me Review-Comparison with Legacy service

The following system called Nuke4me is a complete SEO outsourcing solution using the most experienced webmaster and the latest technology in SEO automation all hands free for you. Its the perfect combination for killer price , experience by real webmasters that brought results to 100’s of people like me and you ( like top results for money keywords bla bla. Isnt what you want in the first place since you landed here ?? :) ) and time saving since they handle stuff that would usually take hours from your precious time for a fraction of the cost. Although the new Service Nuke4me is a blast i would suggest sticking with the original SeoNuking Service. Nuke4me is a JV between Mo Taqi Seonuking outsourcer ( original service ) and Areeb Bajwa senuke program creator. Although both of those programs are great i will still suggest sticking with the original Senuking program that can be found HERE .You can read all the reviews there and client information and you can really see that their product works. As for Nuke4me i can still vouch for it but i am still with the legacy service offered originally by Mo.

Who am i? What is my experience with them?

My name is Marios I and i have been working with those guys for some time now and i run online businesses for years. I firstly had been using SENUKE X software on some of my  marketing  (NOTE: Not for spamming , Not for this site )  since its like a SEO assistant helping you do what you would otherwise do manually, completely hands free.

What did that meant for me: Since i own a lot of websites and do a lot of promotions etc work online this software saved me countless hours and increased my productivity by many times.

Profit and traffic started increasing exponentially bla bla you know the story if stuff go well :) . Anyway even though my productivity increased time was still consumed and you cant really thing clearly if you also got to do  designing,promoting and Brainstorming ( which in my opinion is the most important part) and a bunch of other errands.

On time beeing i stumbled upon Mo Taqi. It was the guy behind the original service before Nuke4me. Lets call it Legacy service of Nuke4me. Anyhow this service originally called (SEnuking)  has been around for 1,5 years run by this guy and his team and by what i heard from the reviews it had results.

I then said. Why not?

I immedietly started doing promotions with them  for some time. Results were astonishing. I can show you the screenshot of my most successful campaign with them on an established site. This service was the cherry on top of the cake.

I want you to calculate what you would be able to do with 7k unique visitors per day from google.Either that is cpc advertising , affiliate marketing or ecommerce sales. It could literally make your business flourish.

It was like having a dedicated Ninja army working just for me :) !!!

What does that mean for you ?

It means you can achieve your SEO and marketing  goals at an effective, in-budget and time saving way.


More analytically here are  some Service details

What does Nuke4Me/Seonuking provide?

You will get daily Senuke X submissions 5 days a week ( Monday-Friday )

Each Submission/Promotion Consists of the following

Creation of profile and accounts on hundreds of websites of any kind (specifically social networks,social bookmarks,rss aggregators,web2.0 profiles,forum profiles with unique email and username)

After that a submission is followed to the following modules of senuke x

  • Social Network sites (,,Squidoo and So on 40+ links !)
  • Social Bookmarking sites (, and so on. 140+ supported sites)
  • RSS aggregators
  • Web 2.0 Profile sites (hundreds of them)
  • Forum Profile site (hundreds of them)

Submission to these sites is as follows:

  • Nuke4Me creates a network by submitting an article at all of the social network sites with manually written and spun, unique, high quality articles written by American writers. (Yes, they supply the content!)
  • Then, they take the RSS feeds of all the social sites and bookmarking sites and submits All of them to ALL of the RSS aggregators!
  • Nuke4Me will submit your link at the Web 2.0 Profile and Forum Profile sites for additional backlinking power
  • Lastly, Nuke4Me will place ALL of the urls into the Ping Tool and ping them as well as using the Senuke Indexing Toolto assure indexing in the search engines.


 Whats so special about this??

Random Interlinking

Senuke Pros on Nuke4me will randomly interlink the posts they made for you serving two purposes a typical linkwheel dont. More power and authority for your backlinks,more authority from the backlinks back to you , more links crawled and lastly enlarge the benefit from a strong network of backlinks entirely indexed

One time and Long time  Networks

Some of the days  Nuke4Me will create a network that they will always update called Long time network. This gives the advantage of backlinks from regularly updated network of blogs which gain strength and authority over time which in result passed over you.
Lastly there are one time networks that are created and never updated again . Hit and run networks of some sort.
Free Content Provided
Thats right. To prove this is completely hands free they also create and provide the content them selves . Isnt that awesome and painless?


Nuke4me is a complete handsfree solution for every busy webmaster that needs to outsource some of his work and save more time for more interesting/expansive/lucrative stuff ( like counting money made from nuke4me/Senuking !!). It completely unties your hands and i definetely suggest it for any webmaster that wants a serious team to handle their SEO at a fraction of the cost and many times more results than normal services. So if this describes you best i suggest GO FOR IT.

Reasons to stick with the original Senuking Instead of Nuke4me

  • Pricing Advantage
  • Nuke4me is SOLD out through a huge mailing list
  • You can get bulk discounts with Mo
  • Friendlier support
  • Advice from Mo himself
  • Bonus courses and Pdf and private knowledge forums for all members
Nuke4me though is a revamp of the original SENuking. Although i would recommend that too I prefer Senuking for 2 reasons. First. Mo is the one with the experience in outsourced SEO and SECOND is Pricing. Mo on the original service can promote 3 urls at the same price as NUKE4me which promotes 1 instead (<—IMPORTANT). As far as i am concerned this helped me promote far more urls than i can do with Nuke4me including inner pages of the same site etc so it really benefited me running multiple campaigns with senuking.The decision always lies to your ability to judge and compare  and i would say you can have awesome results as they more or less are based on the same teams and they do the same promotions and they are pretty experience as 1st has years of experience and the second is the creator of the original software. For that reason you can make your decision easily as to what step to follow.
    • Seonuking (Official site) <—Original Service –RECOMMENDED
    • (official site)
To your success
Italos M.

Using Ultra Spinnable Articles to Boost Your Google Rankings

This is the Ultra Spinnable Articles Review By Italos M. Click Below to go to the official site of Ultra Spinnable Articles

Ultra Spinnable Articles Review

Today i got something new to show you.

If you have been marketing for quite some time you probably already know spinning and spinnable  content ( content in this form {aaa {bbb|ccc}|ddd {eee|fff}} ) . This content is a specific norm which used by article syndication software or programs it generates multiple variations.

What you can do with those articles?

  • Produce multiple niche websites with highly unique content.
  • Find content to provide to your readers through your newsletters.
  • Use them with article syndication programs or submission software.

And now a review of the product

As you know to be successful as an Internet marketer, you need to drive traffic to your website with effective marketing on a regular basis. A good way to do this is by using marketing techniques that inform customers in your market about your product. This can raise your ranking on search engines and help educate  prospective customers about your products. This information needs to be in the form of articles that you can publish all over the Internet to get targeted traffic. The higher the number of articles the better results your will achieve. When you publish your articles you will receive a backlink, therefore, improving your search ranking. It is vital that your articles are also of a high quality. It can be a lot of work to create a high number of quality articles. There is some easier ways to do it though. You can start using [highlight]”spin ready articles”[/highlight] to achieve your goal.
Spin articles are created by taking an original article and randomly changing things around to create new and unique articles. This way you can simply create multiple articles. There are tools available for spinning articles. However, they don’t give the best results. Since they are controlled by software programs, the results are usually very rigid or dry because they just replace words by synonyms. It’s not possible to produce good quality articles with these tools but you can get amazing results with human written spin articles. This is when humans spin the articles for you, each article will be unique but better yet it will make perfect sense and read well. After you have received your spin article, use it again to create even more variations then published it all over the internet to get a multitude of backlinks connected and a higher search ranking. You can also use human spun articles to keep a steady flow of new content on your own site, something Google looks favorably upon. It can be a lot of work to create this high of a number of articles. TheLeadingArticles is a new service available that can spin the articles for you, saving you time and energy.

Everyday FREE articles on your mailbox


Access to 1000’s of Spinnable content as low as 4.34 per article


Every day of the week, even weekends, TheLeadingArticles is available to produce high quality human written spin ready articles, saving you from this work. There are many qualified writers behind this site and they write spin articles that are of the highest quality. Most of the articles on this site are product reviews and general articles about Internet marketing. Every ultra spinnable article is created by manually rewriting each paragraph 5 times and then manually rewriting each sentence of the resulting article 5 times. You will get a spun article that can be changed up to a whooping 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 times using the original aritcle. Each article is of good quality with no fear of overlapping with another members articles because the membership is kept at 300.

 Variation Sample

To let you know how effective this is i will show you 4 variations of an Ultra Spinnable article paragraph

[accordion][section title=”FIRST VARIATION”]One thing you’ll find is that there are many internet marketers that give up before they ever give internet marketing a chance because the cash that they are making is not nearly enough. When it comes right down to it you are going to discover that there are some rather easy things you can do to make more cash, if you’re willing to put in the time. If you are serious about making more cash with your internet advertising and marketing, we will explain to you some simple ways that you will have the ability to make this happen. [/section]

[section title=”SECOND VARIATION”]Making money online is something which many folks are making an effort to do nowadays nevertheless they only end up earning very little money if any money at all. If you take the time to think about it you’re going to realize that there are some quite simple things you can do to make more cash, if you are willing to put in the time. If you’re serious about making more money with your internet advertising, we will explain to you some simple ways that you’ll have the ability to make this happen. [/section]

[section title=”THIRD VARIATION”]Many new internet marketers will wind up giving up before they ever become successful on the web and this is because they are just not making any cash. Needless to say you will find ways to make more cash online but you will need to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it work for you. On This Page we are going to explain to you the best ways to begin making more cash from your internet marketing and advertising efforts[/section]

[section title=”FOURTH VARIATION”]Making cash online is something which many men and women are trying to do these days nevertheless they only wind up earning very little cash if any cash at all. While you can find techniques for making more money, you’ll find that if you do not put in the time, or if you are not willing to do the work you won’t have the ability to make this extra money. In The Following Paragraphs we’re going to explain to you the best ways to start making more cash from your internet marketing and advertising efforts. [/section] [/accordion]




As you can see this thing works like charm. I recommend them as i use them for a lot of time now and i get great results. The owner is really friendly and its always there for you to help you make more money. My suggestion?? Try them for a month. I am sure you will be so satisfied you will keep this ongoing like i did.

Marios I.


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Review of FirePow – Andrew Hansen’s Niche Blogging System

As blogging and in particular blogging for profit becomes ever more popular amongst online entrepreneurs, we’re seeing new tools developed to assist in this process being released, what seems like every week.

In this post I’m going to talk about one such tool, Firepow Blogging Software,because I believe it might just be a cut above the rest in terms of it’s flexibility of use, and overall effectiveness in accomplishing the three primary aims of blogging – creating a blog, managing it or maintaining it, and getting traffic to it.

It was hard to know where to start with this post because there are so many individual features of this software that could be mentioned.

To give you a brief overview of how it works…

First check out this video here and then keep on reading to find out more


Firepow is based on the WordPress platform, and allows a user to install a fully customized and functioning wordpress blog with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ll know that one of the best things about it is it’s ability to be enhanced by third party plugins. You’ll also know that it’s not hard to get LOST in all the plugins and potential feature additions that CAN be made.

The first thing great about Firepow from my point of view is that they have done the plugin work for you. The best 50 or so plugins from around the web have been programmed into the software so as to be automatically installed when your blog is.

That’s a good feature, but it’s even better when you consider that while these plugins normally require manual fiddling to get installed, tweaks made to your theme CSS code and more – the software actually does that part for you too – so you click the button, and you have the function of that plugin added – VERY time saving!

The “Create” part of the process is also helped by the ability to create your own custom wordpress theme completely from scratch, with more functionality than we’ve seen from free theme generators EVER before – not to mention the ability to create your own categories from scratch, automatically create the perfect permalink
structure for SEO, and more.

Before even getting into the WordPress panel of the site Firepow creates you’ve also got a site management tab where all your blogs can be managed from one place, an SEO tracking tool to monitor the search rankings of all your sites, and a task manager
that tells you what needs to be done to maintain your blog/s and when.

I dare say though that the best things happen once you’re actually IN the blog.

Here you have crazy abilities to make your post content better, easily being able to add relevant images, videos, or trackbacks (automatically building backlinks to your site) to your posts… and even that’s leaving alot out.

OR the crazy abilities to monitor your blogs success, like being able to split test the results of different posts, monitor your traffic through in depth reporting (utilizing Google analytics), monitoring your search spider activity, the popularity of your posts, the terms people are searching on your site, and more still.

I feel like I’m getting too salesy in this post to you but I can assure even with everything you’ve read here, I haven’t even really touched the surface of what’s going on inside this thing called Firepow – heck we didn’t even get to the promotional tools.

The best thing I can probably do is tell you go to look at the darn thing yourself:

Oh and I could also tell you that if your into blogging and you don’t, you’ll probably regret it big time.

I hope you’ve found the information here valuable, and don’t hesitate to leave your comments on Firepow here to share with others.

Dont forget to visit our special link to take advantage of the $1  full access trial we have for 15 days and then $127 a month.

Either case this software is a hands off goldmine and i definitely suggest it to all of you. Take action NOW and click the link below to take advantage of my special promo


To your success

Marios I.



Your All in One WordPress Beginners Guide

Designed as robust content management system, WordPress is a popular publishing application for bloggers. If you want to start blogging, WordPress is perfect as the software is easy to configure. This article will guide you step by step—from installing WordPress, how to configure it, starting your writing, publishing, managing your readers’ comments and optimizing your blog for search engines.


[tabs][tab title=”Step 1″]

Step 1: Obtain a third party web host.

Your WordPress blog can be hosted by either or by a third party. This article emphasizes the latter as it will give you more freedom to modify your blog layout, including adding plugins and access to unlimited themes. Make sure your web host provider offers WordPress in their hosting packages as this application requires the following:

• PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 in order to host the latest version of WordPress;
• An Apache server is recommended, and
• Requires mod_rewrite Apache module for permalinks.

A web host provider that offers WordPress will make it easy for you to install.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 2″]

Step 2: Obtain a domain name.

If you do not already have a domain name, you can purchase one from your web host provider. Make sure your domain name is unique and memorable, not infringing on a trademark and timeless or limitless. You will never know what you may want to write about in the future.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 3″]

Step 3: Install WordPress from your website control panel.

Log in into your control panel and install the WordPress using one-click installation. After the WordPress has been installed, go to the URL for the blog and sign in.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 4″]

Step 4: Log in to your WordPress account.



Above is the image of your log in page. You can type in your username and password and click the Log In button.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 5″]

Step 5: Your blog dashboard.

After logging in, you will see your dashboard as follows:


There are several categories under the Dashboard as shown on the left column, such as, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools and Settings. Each controls your blog.
Before you start to write and publish your content, you will need to configure your WordPress.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 6″]

Step 6: Configuring the WordPress blog.

Click on Settings to configure your blog. Here is what your General Settings look like.


In General Settings, you are required to fill in your site title and tag line–if you have any. Set your time zone, date and time format and the week. When done, click Save Changes.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 7″]

Step 7: Configure your Permalinks.


Permalinks or permanent URIs, or Uniform Resource Identifiers, are important for search engine optimization or SEO. This feature allows you to generate a search engine friendly URL for easy reading.

Below is the image of your Permalink Settings:


Choose the setting that emphasizes the name as this is most useful for you and the search engine. After selecting, click Save Changes.


[/tab] [tab title=”Step 8″]

Step 8: Write your first post.


Now that you have configured the General Settings and Permalinks, you can start blogging. Click on the Posts link on the left column and you will see this page:



The image above shows the All Posts page. Click on any of the Add New links on this page and you will see the next page as shown below:

Here is the screen you will get after clicking those buttons





Here you can write your content in Visual or HTML format. The visual editor provides you with WYSIWYG, or What You See Is What You Get format. If you are familiar with HTML scripts, you can use it for producing an advanced format.
In this example, I will use the visual format to write the content:




When done writing, you can click on the Save Draft button on the upper right column. You can also add a new category to organize your content by clicking on the Add New Category link under Categories.


Here you will see a new form field as the shown below:



Write a new category and click on Add New Category button. Next, save the draft, and preview it. Here is an example of the preview mode:


You can also add relevant image(s).


Above your content editor is the image icon marked in red. Click on this icon and it will bring you to the Add an Image page:



Select the image location from either your computer or from another URL. In this example, I will upload an image from the computer. Click on Select Files and it will bring you to your image folder in your computer. Select the image and click open. The images will be immediately added in the Add an Image tray as shown below:



You can edit the title, add alternate text, caption, and description or link URL. The image can also be positioned left, center or right. Finally, you can adjust the size of the image by reducing to thumbnail, medium, large or full pixel size. When you are satisfied, click the Insert into Post button. Next, click on Preview and the page will be displayed as shown below:



Above is the blog with an image positioned on the upper left side of the content. You can add as many images in various sizes and alignments. Make sure the size is not too large; otherwise your content will be slow to load in your readers’ browsers. When you are pleased with how everything is displayed, click the Publish button and your blog will go live.


[/tab] [tab title=”Step 9″]

Step 9: Allowing Comments.

When online visitors read your blog, they will usually want to leave a comment. Their comments will appear in your Comments category.














You can read all comments before you approve them to be publicly viewable. Readers’ comments can be further controlled by going to your Settings and click on Discussion. Here is the image of the page displayed:


Here you have options to control your reader’s comments and identity. You can also specify how many days your articles are open for comment.

[/tab] [tab title=”Step 10″]


Step 10: How to optimize your blog for search engines.

It is important for search engines to locate and index your blog. You already did the first step in optimizing your blog by configuring your Permalinks in Step 7. Now you can further refine your page for SEO in your Privacy Settings.

Under Settings, click on Privacy and choose the first selection for Site Visibility to allow your site to be visible to readers and all the major search engines. Click Save Changes to confirm your choice.

Other techniques for SEO are to:

• Include relevant keywords and phrases in your title and content;
• Build external links and give comments on other bloggers’ articles to increase visibility of your blog, and
• Write your blog content consistently and regularly, and promote it in your social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

All these techniques will help to increase your online presence and will give your blog the opportunity to rise in ranking by the search engines.
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Great Places to Get Beautiful WordPress Themes

One of the greatest things about WordPress is just about anyone can cobble together a high level site in a matter of and hour or so.  If you work with WordPress, you have no doubt found yourself in search of some themes that let you implement features and design elements you want to provide to your visitors.

Listed below are some sites the blogging tricks staff frequents with a brief explanation about the sites and what they have to offer. WordPress themes can be found in many different places, but these should be on top of the priority list before you check elsewhere.


This is consistently one of the best places to get WordPress themes.  The company has been in existence for a while and has a theme to serve just about any purpose.  Competitively priced, WooThemes offers a range of packages as well as a theme club option affording members access to all 100+ themes available, developer options and much more.


Theme Forest has well over 4,000 different WordPress themes to choose from. Ranging from $15 to $40 dollars, these are some of the most complex and beautiful themes you can find.  The theme powering is from ThemeForest.


Templatic is another great site that makes themes with specific functions such as an article directory, daily deals or a hotel booking site.  Templatic also offers stand alone purchases if you only need one theme or they have a great deal on their theme club where $299.00 + around 15 a month grants you access to all 50+ themes with psd’s and a nice support forum.

Studio Press

Built on the Genesis framework and with over 54,000 people using it, it’s easily one of the most popular themes on the Internet. The Genesis framework, as well as the various child themes are under constant development.(child themes are where its at!)

Studio press is owned and operated by Brian Gardner. We hear he likes Starbucks.


I have been hammering out WP sites using Elegant Themes for a while now.  One of the nicest features is the built in epanel that comes with all the themes.  I typically find the custom admin panel to be one of the more intuitive interfaces to manage theme layouts.


Wp-Zoom has a great selection of over 40+magazine and blog/photo type themes.  Much like Templatic, the site offers a range of options from a single theme purchase to developer packages with access to all themes and photoshop docs empowering users to make great looking sites, quickly.

App Themes

App Themes provides more of what I call “themes with a purpose” ranging from job sites to coupon sites.  I am always somewhat amazed at what folks are doing with WordPress these days.  The pricing structure is quite similar to that of templatic or woo themes with packages allowing one off purchases or developer packages as well.

So there you have it.  I am not sure I have a particular favorite.  All of the sites listed above will certainly get the job done.  I would not say that any one site is better than the other, per say.  Elegant themes likely provides the most bang for you buck at a cost of $39.00 for access to their entire theme repository.

Do you have a favorite? Drop us a comment. We would love to hear about it.